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Add Life to your Years!

Strong Second Half

Something’s gotta give! I’m heading towards my second half after an unimpressive attempt at the first. 

If you’re anything like me, you might suspect that you haven’t completely mastered this thing called life. You might even have reached the mid-point of your time on earth.

The good news is that you haven’t missed the boat. The sobering reality is that now is the time to chart your course and get your craft sea-worthy for the rest of your journey.

‘Midlife crisis,’ I hear some of you thinking, but no… I reserve that for those who have had, what I refer to as, a successful first half. 

The one component needed is a good helping of strength: physical, mental and emotional. Join me as we look to gain a little more robustness.

A ‘well-being guinea pig’ working towards a strong second half.

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Less is More: 3 Practical Examples I am Trying

Less is More: 3 Practical Examples I am Trying

Working hard meant putting the time in which proved itself in one way: “more”. More promotions, more money, more achievements, more homes, more holidays… more worries. As I put the idea of ‘less’ into action, I am starting with three areas in my life that can certainly benefit (myself and others) from less!

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My Immediate Observations

I created this blog following a visit to my parents last year and realising I might live another 40 plus years (yikes). Looking at them and others in their generation, I realised some focus on my health and well-being could contribute greatly to a strong second half.

I am aware we do not have control over our future. Factors other than general well-being, such as genetics or financial security, also play a significant part in how much we might enjoy our later years. Still, let’s not simply exist because we haven’t invested better in ourselves. Let’s not just escape death. Wherever we can contribute towards a better second half, I am keen to make that investment. 

We don’t need to dive into a whole new life of extreme sports, career sampling, night schooling and emotional recovery. Instead, let’s investigate and venture towards these avenues with a bit more curiosity and enthusiasm.

Join me on my journey to a stronger second half. I hope you take away some tips, find some observations enriching—maybe even enlightening?—But hopefully entertaining.

Let’s bring more life to our years.

Fiona x

Midlifer, storyteller, underdog, anti-ager, foodie and a guinea pig for second half well-being.

Taking in the crispy cold December sea air
Never too late to start

Physical Health

Keeping moving…everyday! Join me as I discover new and enjoyable ways to exercise frequently! 

Reading is key for cerebral health

Mental / Cerebral Health

Your mental health is as important as your physical health. Discover and learns ways to exercise your brain daily!

Children keep you youthful

Emotional Health

Self care, connections with others, emotional maturity are important ingredients to maintain strong emotional health, an essential pillar to your health and well-being. 

Make small changes and eventually you change the whole picture!

A small guide to bigger changes


Physical Health


Mental Health


Emotional Health

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About Me

Catching up with the first half and investing into my second!

Hi, my name is Fiona. As I rolled into my late 40’s I couldn’t help but find myself a little soft around the edges in many dimensions. Some tummy chubbiness, a pile of ‘must-read’ books and the mind of a worrier (with an ‘O’).

Exercise has never played a significant role in my life. I’ve enjoyed a little bit of yoga, a walk across the park, and the odd swim, but all said and done, I’ve rated pretty average (if not below average) on the exercise spectrum.

Looking at my cerebral health, reading came to me later in life, I am embarrassed to say. Other than reading more, I will be investigating a variety of mental workouts in order to exercise my brain more.

And emotionally, worrying is my thang. It is what I do best. Years of experience have got me to a point of worrying myself into and out of every situation. Join me as I aim to tone down the worry (or drama as some call it) and be a bit more present.

 I will be looking to move around a bit more and find activities that are not only effective but fun to do; to stimulate my brain further, not only with food but also with innovative apps, books and hobbies; and to introduce more self-care to encourage a great night’s sleep and less worrying.  All this, ideally, I will do with a touch of courage, creativity and humour.  I invite you to join me.

Vires acquirit eundo: Latin for ‘we gather strength as we go’.

Puppy love

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Richmond, London, United Kingdom